Guarantee and payments


Bliss creations are born from the creative flair and sensitivity of skilled Italian designers able to interpret fashion trends and give life to modern jewelry and wearable in any situation.

In the Bliss world “two souls’’ coexist in a balanced way. A more elegant and refined personality, for those who love jewelry revisited in a contemporary key, and a more avant-garde one, who dares with designer jewelry.


Bliss creations are made to be worn every day with the utmost ease and for the pleasure of everyone to bring an elegant and modern accessory.

For this reason Bliss has activated a revolutionary service in the world of jewelry dedicated to gold jewelry (with a public price of not less than 200 euros): a certificate that protects the buyer against the risks of robbery and theft of worn jewelry (other cases, such as theft, loss, etc., are excluded).

This certificate is free of charge and can be activated at the time of purchase.


When you don’t wear your Bliss jewel, keep it in its case or in a soft cloth, being careful to keep it separately to maintain its beauty.

To maintain the shine of the jewels is necessary a periodic cleaning; immerse your jewel for thirty minutes in warm water with a mild detergent, then pass it gently with a toothbrush, rinse and dry with care.

Do not do this treatment on jewelry with pearls that to be "refreshed" need only a pass with a soft cloth.


We thank you for choosing a Bliss jewel, we suggest you to entrust it periodically to your trusted jeweler who will be able to maintain its original beauty over time. In this way, You will renew the pleasure of wearing a timeless jewel always alive and at the peak of its splendor.

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